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Black Hair Salon & BIPOC Hair Services

Black Owned Hair Salon

Austin, Texas Black Owned Hair Salon

black owned hair salon sharnoir atx

This Black Owned Hair Salon in Austin, Texas, is Minnie Little’s dream come true! Our hairstylists are versatile in Black Hair and BIPOC Hair Services. In Fact, the Shag Noir Salon’s mission is to accept all customers that need hair assistance. We never want to exclude anyone due to texture, length, or race. From our experience, it can be hard to find hair salons or hair services for black or ethnic hair. If you’re looking for a black owned hair salon, black hair services, or ethnic hair services, then you came to the perfect salon for help.

Black Hair Salon Services

We offer the following black hair services and ethnic hair services at the Shag Noir Salon. You will absolutely love the positive atmosphere, fresh air, and 

  1. Silk Press
  2. Hair Extensions
  3. Protective Styling
  4. Loc Maintenance
  5. Coil and Kink Treatment
  6. Eczema and Psoriasis Scalp Health Maintenance