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Black Owned Hair Salon

About Shag Noir Salon


Shag Noir is a Black Owned Hair Salon in East Austin, Texas. Our hair salon accepts all Hair Textures exactly like we accept all Genders and Races! Our mission is to never exclude someone due to hair texture, hair length, or race. Our hairstylists want to help you look amazingly beautiful on the outside because we are all amazing and beautiful on the inside.

Shag Noir is in the heart of downtown historic East Austin. All textures are welcome in our studio, from custom haircuts to dimensional balayage and non-toxic hair care! This Austin hair salon focuses on recycling and minimal plastic usage.

Because of our love for small business, we have partnered and affiliated with the best non-toxic brands in the industry. Stop in to indulge in emotion-enhancing scents by Reverie, Cult + King, Hairstory, Afterworld Organics, and HuiHui Essentials. Minnie Little opened Shag Noir in March 2022 to expand industry techniques, business knowledge, education, exemplary customer service, and neighborly networking.

We look forward to exploring the salon industry endlessly, not just with combs and color but also connecting like minds in the community to create personal and financial freedom and journeying the road to self-fulfillment through our careers.

Thanks for dropping in, and we hope to share space with you behind the chair!

Shag Noir Salon Belief

We are a Black Owned Hair Salon that specialize in all textures, lengths, and colors of hair. To specialize in something, we believe you MUST be proficient in completing that service on every texture of hair.


Average Years Of Hair Experience

Are you looking for a Hairstylist Job? Shag Noir Salon is hiring!

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East Austin Hair Salon Stylist

Minnie Little's Empowering Hair History

Minnie Little's Products
Cult + King
Hair Story
HuiHui Essentials

$150 An Hour Hair Styling and Hair Cuts
$175 An Hour Hair Coloring and Hair Chemicals

Meet Minnie Little, the passionate owner of the Shag Noir Salon, Black Owned Hair Salon in Austin, Texas. As an Austin native and skilled hairstylist, Minnie can handle any hair type and length. Her expertise lies in Shag/Curly cuts and coloring, along with educating clients about texture and non-toxic hair care. Off-duty, Minnie enjoys being with her son and partner, promoting work-life balance in the salon industry, and getting invoked on community events. She resides in Round Rock with her partner and furry companion, Bear. She is most happy tending to her plants, watching comedy, documentaries, and thrifting, and goofing off with her favorite people!

To read more about her journey, check out this Canvas Rebel article Meet Minnie Little.

Shag Noir Salon Color Specialist

About Beth's Colorful Journey

Beth’s Products
Beauty Counter
Hair Story
Primally Pure

$150 An Hour

Beth is a born and raised Texan with 12 years of roots right here in Austin. She spends most of her time with her husband and their tiny tot Raleigh Joe. When they aren’t at home with their four-legged babies, they are out listening to music and eating all the good eats Austin has to offer.

A 10 year veteran of the industry, Beth focuses on custom color and tape in extensions. The relationships she builds with those in her chair go beyond the strands of hair. She cares deeply about her guests and loves getting to know everyone!

Beth found her way to Shag Noir by its inviting mission to offer a low tox environment for all. Passionate about clean living herself, she is excited to provide a safer option for high-quality color in a space truly accepting of everyone. I absolutely love working at Shag Noir Salon!

Shag Noir Salon Hair Stylist - Beth Nobles - Austin, Texas
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East Austin Hair Salon Healing Hair Care

Annissa's Mindful Hair Love Story

Annissa’s Products
Cult + King
Hair Story
Reverie Code: ANNISSAPOOLE for 15% off
HuiHui Essentials
Afterworld Organics Code “HAIRLUST”

$115 An Hour

I'm a stylist who has been working in the industry since 2014! I am very passionate about what I can do for people's hair. My goal is to constantly adjust and change and continue to improve day by day, year by year.

I see hair transformations as a journey, always needing edits to fit your life changes and goals. I feel the best place to improve is in a relaxing and friendly environment. In a place, you feel heard and understood.

I am constantly looking at ways to improve my guest experience and give my clients the most out of their service. One way is through energy healing and meditation tools that can be included in a service. I know the time you choose to spend with me is very valuable, and I don't take being a part of your self-care ritual for granted!

All my services are genderless and gratuity-free, which means no surprise at the checkout when paying.
If you are looking for someone who shares your values in sustainability and can help take your self-care and self-expression through low-maintenance hair to the next level, I'd love to chat.

Shag Noir Salon New Hair Salon Stylist

About Courtney's Love For Hair

Born and raised in Louisiana, Courtney moved to the artistic haven of Austin in 2021. While she's been doing hair professionally just a year, it's been an incredible journey of self-discovery and creativity.

Check out how amazing her past clients look on instagram @sunnyandshears_.

Her heart truly comes alive when helping clients embrace their unique beauty and texture, whether it's through a maintenance cut or a complete transformation. There's nothing quite like witnessing the joy on their faces as they see themselves in a new light. Her focus lies in the art of cuts and color and catering to all hair textures. From shags and mullets to one-lengths and long layers, she is dedicated to bringing out the best in every individual's hair.

Providing an exceptional experience is a core value in her work. Courtney believes that the salon chair isn't just a place for a makeover but a space where my clients can unwind, recharge, and leave feeling confident and rejuvenated. She's committed to staying up-to-date with the latest techniques and trends in the industry, as ongoing education is a priority for her.

Outside of being a hair stylist, Courtney enjoys spending time with her dog, Chato, along with reading and expanding her knowledge on tarot and astrology.

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