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Austin Hair Salon

We Welcome All Textures

Meet your Stylist

All new clients will meet with their hair stylist before the first appointment.

All Textures Welcome

Shag Noir Stylists can cut and style the hair for all Ethnicities and Textures.

Natural Hair Products

Non-Toxic & Low Toxicity Hair Products are what we love and sell at the store!

Safe Place For All

We accept all people in our east Austin Hair Salon. We love and support LGBTQ2S+!

Austin, Texas Salon

Austin Hair Salon Services

Shag Noir Austin Hair Salon is Black-Owned and Operated in the heart of downtown East Austin’s historic district.

Haircuts & Styling

Balayage & Highlights

Kinky Curly Services

Silent Appointments

Are you looking for a Hair Stylist Job? Shag Noir Salon is hiring!

Austin Hair Salon

About Shag Noir Salon

Hair Experience With All Races

Yes, we can cut, style, and color the hair of any RACE or ETHNICITY. You can feel confident that our team has the experience to work on any type of hair texture or length.

Meet Your Stylist

All new clients will meet with their hair stylist before the first appointment. This meeting helps our stylist learn about your needs and create a lasting relationship.

By Appointment Only

Your experience is custom and tailored around developing a relationship with your hair stylist.

safe and empowering space

At Shag Noir Salon we are dedicated to creating a safe space for all people. We support LGBTQ2S+!

Non-Gratuity Hourly Rates

At Shag Noir Salon we don't accept tips. All haircuts, coloring, and styles are done at an hourly rate.


All of the products we use at the Shag Noir Salon are Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly.

Schedule an Appointment

Schedule an appointment to meet your stylist!

Shag Noir Salon

All you have to do is book your appointment online with one of our professional stylists. You can click a stylist image below or visit our Hair Stylist Services page. You will love the professional services at our Austin Hair Salon.