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Hair Stylist Jobs

Shag Noir Salon In Austin, Texas

Hair Stylist Application

Hair stylist job responsibilities include cleaning and cutting hair, offering hair care and hair styling consultations, and recommending hair styling products, among other duties. Please click here to read more about the position at this wonderful East Austin Hair Salon.

Give us a call: 512.703.0560

hair stylist jobs shag noir salon austin texas

Hair Stylist Jobs In Austin, Texas

If you’re looking for a hair stylist job, then please fill out our quick application below. Shag Noir Salon is always hiring experienced Hair Stylists in Austin, Texas! At this salon, you don’t rent a chair. Instead, you will be a commission based employee of Shag Noir. You will also surround yourself with creative, motivated, and positive hair stylists looking to advance their hair capabilities. Our safe place hair salon prides itself on being able to Cut and Style All Textures! In short, that means you should be able to cut the hair of All Races. Lastly, we charge our clientele on an Hourly Basis, which they love, and we love too!

Hair Stylists Benefits 

Below are just a few benefits of the hair stylist job at the Shag Noir Hair Salon in Austin, Texas! The salon is full of all the equipment a hair stylist would need to cut, style, and color hair.

  • Set Your Own Hourly Rate
  • Competitive Commission Pay
  • Freedom With Scheduling
  • 14 Days of Vacation, Sick, or Mental 
  • Price Increase Freedoms 

Shag Noir Salon Beliefs

Shag Noir is a Black Owned Hair Salon that believes diversity makes us stronger! We offer professional services for All Textures and Hair Types. Our goal is to never turn anyone away from a professional haircut. Someone at the salon can help every Race, Ethnicity, and Texture with their hair. Plus, we are a Safe Place Salon that supports All People! Our team supports Women, BIPOC, and the LGBTQ2S+ community! A hair stylist’s job has always been about more than cutting, styling, or cutting hair. We love that little fact and do our best to be there for our clients.

The Shag Noir Salon also uses Low Toxicity products to ensure healthy hair. Also, we love doing our part to help keep the planet clean. Our team believes in recycling and using eco friendly products too.

Currently, we are Hiring Hair Stylists, and we believe that all our Hair Stylist should be able to cut Black or Kinky-Curly Hair.